🍐 Per Nilsson

A human technologist

I'm a People-First engineering leader with sixteen years in the software industry. I believe that investing in your staff is the smartest move any organization can make, short- or long-term.

I shaped Formidable’s supportive engineering culture and stewarded it through the growth from 20 to 90 engineers. Under my leadership, we implemented a career framework for ICs and managers, pioneered transparent pay, and mentored a new generation of engineering managers. All of this while maintaining healthy profit margins.

I led the teams that delivered Walmart.com's first single-page checkout app, Burger King's mobile ordering and in-store kiosk, and the Starbucks store locator. I find the right problems to tackle, translate effortlessly between the business and technical teams, and create feedback loops to manage stakeholder and customer expectations.

If you want to work with me to develop better software, grow healthier teams, and solve problems with a positive impact on people, society, and the environment, get in touch!


A portrait of Per Nilsson wearing a blue t-shirt and smiling. He has blue eyes, medium-blonde hair, and needs a shave. The background is black.

📚 Currently Reading

  • Team Topologies (Skelton, Pais)
  • Accelerate (Forsgren, Humble, Kim)
  • Release It! (Nygard)
  • A Prayer for the Crown-Shy (Chambers)
  • Exhalation: Stories (Chiang)